I'm a UI/UX Designer working on:

Awesome Designs

Every website deserves an awesome design. A design that fits your brand and your customers needs. See my recent UI/UX projects.

Handcrafted Websites

An awesome design deserves a good website. Good as in lighting fast and easy to use on all devices. See my recent work.

CSS Expert For Hire

Maintaining CSS for large websites can get difficult fast. I work with companies building scalable and maintainable CSS systems. Read more about CSS solutions.

Logos & Branding

Do you need a logo for your project or want a new look for your company? I do that too!


I like to take pictures. Mostly landscapes and architecture. Check them out at photos.johanharteveld.nl


Get in touch via email info@johanharteveld.nl or call 06 46406930

You can also use the contact form or connect on LinkedIn