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An awesome design deserves a good website. Good as in lighting fast and easy to use on all devices. I've worked with small and large businesses, startups, non-profits and local government to create effective websites. Below are some examples of projects I have recently worked on.

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Aran Spruijt

design & development website

Gemeente Midden-Drenthe

design website

Midden-Drenthe is a municipality in the Netherlands. For this organisation I designed a new website interface and a digital styleguide.

screenshot Gemeente Midden-Drenthe website


design and development website

Conversify is a conversion optimization plugin for e-commerce websites. For Conversify I designed and developed a new marketing website. Responsive layout and hdpi-ready with SVG icons and illustrations.

screenshot Conversify website screenshot Conversify website

Conversify Dashboard

design and development of dashboard and products

Conversify had a beta version of their customer dashboard that needed a new interface. I made an analysis of the current tools and planned features and based on this I designed and developed a new website interface. The design is future proof; it has enough space for future tools and it has a responsive layout.

For the products suite of Conversify I built the CSS and HTML templates. These are user-customizable conversion tools, such as notifications, that customers embed on their website.

screenshot Conversify website

logo, design and development website

Ton Bouchier

design and development website
screenshot Ton Bouchier website screenshot Ton Bouchier website

WA Groote

logo, design and development website
screenshot WA Groote website

front-end development
screenshot website


logo, design and development website
screenshot diode website

photography portfolio

My personal photography website. It uses the Koken CMS with a customized theme.



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